Meet the Member: Jillian Dunbar, eMarketplace Management, LLC

Meet the Member: Jillian Dunbar, eMarketplace Management, LLC

Jillian Dunbar uses an aptitude for analytics, financial reporting, forecasting, and revenue projections to help her clients get the most out of their ecommerce sales and profitability on Amazon.

With skill set she learned in college and honed in a corporate environment, she specializes in launching and increasing brand sales on Amazon, the world’s largest retailer.

“I prefer to work with the little guys or those who are socially responsible, whether it’s their first time on Amazon or they’ve been on years,” said Jillian, who created eMarketplace Management in November 2016. reported $136 billion in revenue for 2016 with more than 500 million products sold online in 2015.

As big as it is, it is also a marketplace for small businesses that either don’t have the time to learn its intricacies or don’t have the time to manage their Amazon seller account. That’s where Jillian comes in.

“Everybody has potential with Amazon because anything can sell,” said Jillian.

Her path to a membership at the Cooperative Venture Workspace in downtown Portsmouth, NH, included a stop in the corporate world in California, which she learned quickly that the “9 to 5” was not her thing. This led to a lengthy backpacking excursion through Central America, followed by the introduction to the start-up world in Park City, Utah. This was closer to her passion, but not quite there yet.

What she was good at was looking at data and advising a course of action. The corporate job in California, with its metrics, analytics and revenue forecasting, sharpened her skill set, but the generic atmosphere was not what she wanted to be in for herself or profession.

She followed her boyfriend to Utah and found work with a start-up, Buy Box Experts, now the largest Amazon account management and branding strategy consulting company in the country. This is where she first learned about the Amazon world by managing 10+ brands and brought in her analytics expertise. She quickly became a top performing account manager and was hired to work exclusively for another start up, Brydge Keyboards. Within a year, she turned this brand around from being a small seller on Amazon to being top recommended in the electronics category.

Again, it wasn’t her passion; Working for herself with the freedom to be remote was what she wanted. A move to the Seacoast region gave her that opportunity. She and her boyfriend made the decision to move back to their roots of New England while she builds her eMarketplace Management business and client base.

“If I was still in Park City, I wouldn’t have been able to do this,” she said.

Her efforts on behalf of a client are all-encompassing — what she calls an “A to Z” approach so that a client’s listings will be fully optimized, with a high degree of customer service, advertisement strategy, inventory accountability, brand awareness, account growth and maximum profitability. 

Every detail — product description, making sure the pricing is competitive and profitable, advertisement, the market research — is covered by Jillian.

The Workspace membership serves Jillian’s needs on many levels — as a place of refuge from the noise of the renovations and distraction of her two playful dogs at her house, as a place of vibrancy to counterbalance the occasional feeling of solitude from working at home, and the sense of community in her interaction with other members.

“This place has made a huge impact,” she said. “It’s the sense of community; it’s the atmosphere. Unlike those “9 to 5” workspaces I used to go to, I actually enjoy coming here.”

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