Meet the Member: Peter Fullerton, Fast Century Films

Meet the Member: Peter Fullerton, Fast Century Films

Peter Fullerton of Fast Century Films believes that every business has a story to tell, and the best way to tell that story is with visual media.

“I’m really interested in helping businesses tell their stories online,” said Peter, a self-described “shreditor” — someone who shoots, produces, and edits video.

He is the founder of Fast Century Films, rebranded from Pixsmotion. “Entrepreneurship is a great hero’s tale, in a way,” said Peter. He uses his visual skills — “motion, light, and sound to connect with an audience,” as he describes it — to tell that tale, and by telling that tale, he’s helping advance the cause not only of a particular small business in the micro but entrepreneurship in the macro.

“Online video content is so important today,” said Peter. “Video has always been important, but we now have new avenues to deliver that content.”

He came to visual media after years in politics and public policy. Peter worked a career in politics and government including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and several high profile political campaigns. He was a partner for four years at Swiftkurrent, which leverages online video to build a personal connection with activists and voters.

It was his work on political campaigns that opened his eyes to the possibility of video storytelling. The technology has opened up many creative avenues, including his use of drones. “The technology has been great for getting unique shots, and drones are a big part of that,” said Peter. (See a winterscape of York Maine, here.)

He had worked out of his home in the seacoast. But it was difficult mixing his office as his home and his home as his office.

As a member of the Cooperative Venture Workspace, he can separate them: Home is now home and the Workspace is his office. “I can focus on what I need to do,” he said. “Just having that separation here is huge.” The Workspace downtown Portsmouth address at 36 Maplewood Avenue adds value to his business. “It legitimizes your business more so that being at home,” he noted.

He especially likes working among a community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs like himself. “This is a good fit,” he said.